Turkey Trot? Why Not?

It all started with a tweet (as it so often does):

Which led to a Google:

google san diego turkey trot 2013

And that led to one of the best emails I’ve ever written:

hola parentals!

i know this is a way away, but i just found out about a 5k run/walk on thanksgiving day and wanted to see if you wanted to do it with me: https://my.neighbor.org/sslpage.aspx?pid=411

i know it’s not your typical jam, but here are the reasons you should do it:
– balboa park = beautiful scenery along the course
– you can run/jog/walk/skip/crawl/meander/whatever. it’s not about time; it’s about fun! (and it’s only 3 miles–about 45 minutes if we walk the whole way or 40 if we skip the whole way)
– we can take sadie!
– it raises money for a good cause (“all proceeds go to help your homeless neighbors”/Father Joe’s Village)
– we’ll have earned all those extra calories at thanksgiving dinner 🙂
– you can help me accomplish one of my new year’s resolutions (run a charity race)


Alright, so it’s not quite Strunk and White caliber, but I think it does the trick. Not only will I get to cross off another New Year’s resolution from the list, but I’ll get to do it with people I love the most (yes, I love my family–puppy included–the most).

Are you planning to run a Turkey Trot or Jingle Run? I’d love to hear about it. If not, see above reasons… or make up your own!


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