Weekly Training Schedule

weekly training scheduleI’ve never been one for personal trainers. I’d rather just put together a routine for myself. And since I took several kinesiology classes in college and am an avid reader of running blogs and fitness magazines, I have a vague idea of what I’m doing.

Sometimes, though, I like some help structuring my week-to-week routine. So thanks to one of my favorite fitness appsRunner’s World Smart Coach–I’ve put together this week’s training schedule. Here it is:

Monday: 5 miles, easy run

Tuesday: legs (leg press, walking lunges, goblet squats, side lunges, step ups) and abs (back extensions, bicycle crunches, side crunches, incline sit ups) strength training workout

Wednesday: 5 miles, tempo run

Thursday: arms (lat pull down, flat bench, seated row, bicep curl, tricep dip) and abs (back and side extensions, Swiss ball crunches, captain’s chair lifts) strength training workout

Friday: 4 miles, easy run

Saturday: 9 miles, long run

Sunday: yoga or rest (depending on my weekend plans)

So do with this what you will–steal it, modify it, mock it, share it, laugh at it–or let me know what your week is looking like. Doesn’t have to be a full schedule. Maybe it’s just one new thing you’re trying this week to keep your workout routine new and exciting.


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