Monday Motivation

the extra mile

“Go the extra mile; it’s never crowded.”

Tonight, as part of my new training schedule (I’ll post it in a bit), I had a five-mile easy run. Since joining a gym, I wanted to take full advantage of the treadmills–I am paying to use it after all–even though I’m convinced I’m more of a street runner than a treadmill runner.

True to schedule, it was a fairly easy run for the first four miles. Six miles per hour at 1.0 grade. And there were runners on either side of me to boot! My competitive side was in overdrive, and I admit, I was feeling a bit superior to those slower than me. But one by one, everyone around me finished their workout, and I was left to complete my final mile alone.

It was tough not having my unwitting competition running along side me, but I thought about the above quote and how my literal last mile was not crowded at all–it was empty in fact. As cheesy as that sounds, it was enough to motivate me to finish my run with a great sense of satisfaction.

So whatever your extra mile is–another assignment at work, a passion project on the side, or a literal extra mile (or two)–go for it! You might be alone but you’ll have accomplished something truly great by the end of it.

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