Train for Your Moment(s)

half training waterDeadlines are great. You circle that date on your calendar with a big, red marker (or, you know, just set a reminder on your Google calendar), and it gives you something to shoot for. A goal with a date attached.

For me, that moment happens March, 10, 2013–the day of the San Diego Half Marathon. It’ll be my first half marathon, and I’m so excited. I’ve got my training schedule all lined up, bought new shoes (see picture above), and got my game face on.

Then I came across’s Train for Your Moment campaign. It’s all about going hard after whatever goal or deadline you’ve set for yourself. Whether you want to get lean, get toned or get strong, you can find lots of workouts at I’ll be sure to share some of my faves here (like this one with the 20 best bodyweight exercises–no gym needed!).

For the past few weeks, I’ve been loosely following a sort of pre-half training regimen of three to seven mile runs and cross training (mostly with CrossFit,, and Back on Pointe workouts at home), but on January 6, I’m officially starting training with the Runner’s World’s “Your Ultimate Half Marathon” guide. It seems like the perfect way to start off the new year and help cross off 2013’s goal #1! (More about my other goals in a later post.)

Want to train with me? Keep coming back to the blog for my workouts, healthy recipes, running playlists, and training updates.

So what’s your moment? Your wedding? A reunion? A marathon? Tweet your answers with #trainforyourmoment to join the conversation and find people with similar goals (and be sure to let me know to @rachel_grice).

Now go get after it!

Disclaimer: I work for Demand Media, which owns But unlike how things worked at my last job, I’m not writing this post because my job depends on it. I’m writing it because I love what this campaign is about and want to get as many of you in on it as possible. The only other thing this means is that I can’t enter their sweet contest… but YOU can!


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