Today’s Workout 10/22/12

Workout Summary

  • 2-mile run to the park
  • 0.5-mile walk break/cool-down
  • 10 rounds of stairs
  • Stretch break
  • 0.5-mile walk break/cool-down
  • 2-mile run home
  • Total time: about 1 hour
  • Total distance: 4.9 miles
  • Average pace: 12:16
  • Calories burned: 506

My run today wasn’t as good as I’d hoped it would be, but nearly five miles (almost straight uphill for the entire first half), ten rounds of stairs, and some stretching isn’t too bad, either.

I was also a bit all over the place with my thought pattern during my run. Usually, I’m sorting out my schedule, but these are some of the thoughts I had while running today:

  1. My knees are saying “No more crazy-steep hills for a while, please!”
  2. I love running during the fall. The chill in the air, the colors of the trees… everything finally feels like fall around here in San Diego.
  3. Running stairs again feels so good!
  4. A beach run is definitely going to happen some time this week.
  5. Technically, my half-marathon training schedule doesn’t start until tomorrow. Oh well, I guess today was just the bonus round before the main event.

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