Flore Vegan Cafe

Good vegan places are hard to find. Good vegan brunch places are even harder. But when you do finally find a good spot, it’s usually really good. That’s usually because the best ones are authentic, and we vegans and vegetarians know how to cook it up right (if I do say so myself).

I first found out about Flore Vegan Cafe when they started following me on Twitter (shout out to their social media team!). Convincing my meat-loving friends to join me turned out to be a Herculean task, but you know what? Their loss.

Finally, I got my sister to come with me when she was visiting from Texas. Flore is in Silverlake, tucked in a little space on Sunset. If you glance down to check you GPS, you’ll have missed it. That’s why I was surprised that it was as crowded as it was when my sister and I got there. Either the secret’s out or there are a lot of hipster vegans. Actually, it’s probably both. Hipsters have a sixth sense for these as-of-yet-undiscovered places.

Because I had already perused the menu online, I already knew what I wanted before we sat down. The breakfast burrito (see above picture). Tofu scramble, potatoes, avocado, tempeh bacon, and cashew cheese. I’m salivating as I’m typing this.

Was it good? Oh, it was so good. If I had access to any ingredients I wanted to build the perfect breakfast burrito, it would be pretty darn close to this. I’d probably switch out the potatoes for black beans for added protein and fewer starchy carbs, but on the whole, this is any vegan’s dream breakfast burrito.

And I’d even go so far as to say that my carnivorous friends would enjoy it, too, if they’d only give it a chance. My sister, who enjoys a good steak as much as anyone (she is living in Texas, after all), had “The Good Morning,” fresh fruit and soy yogurt and said she was surprised that the yogurt was vegan. And she’s the one who subsisted on PB&J for most of her childhood.

I may not have any converts won over to the side of veganism or vegetarianism, but I’d like to consider getting a non-vegan to try soy yogurt (and some of my breakfast burrito) a small victory.

In that spirit, I’d encourage the rest of you veg-curious foodies out there to be adventurous, suspend your preconceived ideas about vegan fare, and try Flore next time you’re in the LA area. In addition to brunch on the weekends, they also serve lunch during the week and dinner everyday but Monday. I think you’ll be surprised that things like a portobello seitan burger, tofu egg salad, and gluten-free griddle cakes don’t taste like rubber or cardboard.

Then let me know what you thought. I always love hearing people’s opinions of their first vegan/vegetarian meal. For a lot of my friends, it’s become a point of pride to tell me, “Rachel! Today I had a meal without ANY meat!” Good job, kids, keep it up!

Find out more about Flore and see their menu on their website. Or follow Flore Vegan Cafe on Twitter, because, as mentioned, their social media team rocks.


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