“Devastation and Reform” by Relient K

This song is just perfect so many time during a run, yet I never intentionally play it. It only seems to come on when I have my iPod on shuffle. But the tempo and emotion behind it always push me harder and faster. Just give it a listen, and you’ll hear what I mean.

“I feel like I was born
To devastation and reform
Destroying everything I loved
And the worst part is
I pull my heart out, reconstruct
And in the end it’s nothing but
The shell of what I had when I first started”

So many times in my life I’d like to hit the reset button. To destroy bad habits, broken promises, unhelpful routine, and just start over. I know that can’t happen, but honestly, I’m thankful, because my mistakes help make me who I am just as much as my good decisions.

In a small way, though, running is like a mini reset button on my bad days and frustrations. I go out there, wrestle with my problems, and return ready to face things head on.

Video credit to EMI Music’s YouTube Channel.


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